Commit ed187592 authored by Joakim Karlsson's avatar Joakim Karlsson Committed by Anders Broman

diameter: add new standardized QCI

Change-Id: If8c29934515b61081d0cbd44a0356144d5d3c466
Reviewed-on: 's avatarAnders Broman <>
parent d3b2ee9b
......@@ -3435,6 +3435,10 @@
<enum name="QCI_7" code="7"/>
<enum name="QCI_8" code="8"/>
<enum name="QCI_9" code="9"/>
<enum name="QCI_65" code="65"/>
<enum name="QCI_66" code="66"/>
<enum name="QCI_69" code="69"/>
<enum name="QCI_70" code="70"/>
<!-- The values shall be used to indicate standardized characteristics associated with standardized QCI values from
3GPP TS 23.203 -->
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