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      Move the Diameter dictionary files to a "diameter" subdirectory, along · a275cd24
      Guy Harris authored
      the lines of what's done for RADIUS.  That keeps them together (and
      separate from other files), and makes the layout of the top-level source
      directory closer to the layout of the installation directory, so that if
      you run Ethereal or Tethereal from the top-level directory on Windows
      it'll pick up the Diameter dictionary files (if it supports loading
      them), and can do so on UN*X if we support a mechanism to let it find
      its control files in the directory in which the binary resides.
      Use the diameter_DATA, dtds_DATA, and radius_DATA macros in the
      EXTRA_DIST macro, so you only have to change the lists of Diameter, DTD,
      and RADIUS files in one place if you add or remove a file.
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