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    • Michael Mann's avatar
      TFShark (Terminal Fileshark) v.001. Bug 9607... · bf284da2
      Michael Mann authored
      TFShark (Terminal Fileshark) v.001.  Bug 9607 (https://bugs.wireshark.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=9607)
      This is a VERY PRELIMINARY version of tfshark.  It's an attempt to jumpstart FileShark and its architecture.  Right now it's mostly just a very stripped down version of tshark with all of the necessary build modifications (including now building filetap library since tfshark depends on it)
      This code has helped me identify what I believe to be all of the necessary layers for a complete fileshark architecture.  And those layers will slowly be added in time (patches always welcome!).
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=54646
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    • Alexis La Goutte's avatar
      Fix (-W)header-guard error found by clang 3.4 · 7db2d358
      Alexis La Goutte authored
      ./frame_tvbuff.h:25:9: error: '__FRAME_TVBUFF__' is used as a header guard here,
            followed by #define of a different macro [-Werror,-Wheader-guard]
      #ifndef __FRAME_TVBUFF__
      ./frame_tvbuff.h:26:9: note: '__FRAME_TVBUFF_H__' is defined here; did you mean
      #define __FRAME_TVBUFF_H__
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=51286
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    • Guy Harris's avatar
      Put · 0fb0fa87
      Guy Harris authored
      	#ifdef __cplusplus
      	extern "C" {
      	#endif /* __cplusplus */
      	#ifdef __cplusplus
      	#endif /* __cplusplus */
      wrappers into some header files, for the benefit of C++ plugins.  Also,
      add multiple-include protections.
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=20485
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    • Guy Harris's avatar
      Move the table of bit-swapped byte values to "epan/bitswap.c", and · 2fa39ce7
      Guy Harris authored
      declare it, and define a "BIT_SWAP" macro that uses it, in
      Use that macro to bit-swap bytes in the IEEE 802.11 dissector, rather
      than the macro that was used (said macro used GCCisms and didn't compile
      on Windows).
      Make an "init_plugin()" routine to enable a plugin and call its init
      routine, and call it from "check_plugin_status()" and
      "plugins_enable_cb()", rather than having very similar code in two
      places; "patable" is now part of libethereal, and, at least on Windows,
      attempts to refer to it from "libui" failed.  Make "patable" static to
      "epan/plugins.c".  (This may still not work, as now "libui" is calling a
      routine in "libethereal"; if that fails, perhaps it's time to get rid of
      the "enable/disable plugins" stuff completely, as new-style plugins, at
      least, register themselves as protocols and should be controllable from
      the "Edit->Protocols" window just as built-in dissectors are.)
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=2649
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    • Laurent Deniel's avatar
      · 6a480953
      Laurent Deniel authored
      Miscellaneous code cleaning
      - add <stdarg.h> or <varargs.h> in snprintf.h
        and remove those inclusions in the other #ifdef NEED_SNPRINTF_H codes
      - remove the check of multiple inclusions in source (.c)  code
        (there is a bit loss of _cpp_ performance, but I prefer the gain of
         code reading and maintenance; and nowadays, disk caches and VM are
         correctly optimized ;-).
      - protect all (well almost) header files against multiple inclusions
      - add header (i.e. GPL license) in some include files
      - reorganize a bit the way header files are included:
        #include <system_include_files>
        #include <external_package_include_files (e.g. gtk, glib etc.)>
        #include "ethereal_include_files"
        with the correct HAVE_XXX or NEED_XXX protections.
      - add some HAVE_XXX checks before including some system header files
      - add the same HAVE_XXX in wiretap as in ethereal
      Please forgive me, if I break something (I've only compiled and regression
      tested on Linux).
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=2254
  21. 29 May, 2000 1 commit
    • Guy Harris's avatar
      Add "tvb_reported_length()" to get the "reported length" of a tvbuff · 10ea13ed
      Guy Harris authored
      (i.e., the amount of data that was in the packet, even if not all of it
      was captured), for use when dissecting packets containing data that
      fills the packet (we want the dissector to try to dissect all of it; if
      it runs past the end of the captured data, we want it to throw an
      exception so that we'll put a "Short Frame" note in the protocol tree).
      This means we always want a tvbuff to have a real reported length value,
      so we make it an unsigned integer, and don't bother checking it for -1,
      as it should never be -1.
      If the reported length passed in to "tvb_set_subset()" is -1, set the
      reported length to the reported length of the tvbuff of which the new
      tvbuff will be a subset minus the offset in that tvbuff of the subset,
      so that "-1" means "what's left of the packet after we chop off the
      header".  This is necessary in order to ensure that all tvbuffs have a
      real reported length value.
      Have "dissect_packet()" set the reported length of the top-level tvbuff
      to the reported length of the frame, so that we start out with a tvbuff
      with a real reported length value.
      Have "tvb_offset_exists()" return FALSE if the offset is past the end of
      the tvbuff.
      If the offset passed to it is postitive, have "compute_offset_length()"
      check for that it's not more than one byte past the end of the tvbuff -
      if it's just past the end, we don't want the check to fail, as we don't
      want attempts to create a subset tvbuff containing zero bytes to fail;
      that would be done if a captured packet was all header and no payload,
      and we'd want the dissector of the payload, not the dissector of the
      header, to throw an exception, as the problem isn't with the protocol
      for the header, it's with the protocol for the payload.
      Convert the ATM dissector, the SSCOP dissector, the Q.2931 dissector,
      and the Q.931 dissector to use tvbuffs.
      Make the LAPD dissector set up a tvbuff for the Q.931 dissector (it's
      not converted yet).
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=2023
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    • Guy Harris's avatar
      Remove the "union pseudo_header" from the "frame_data" structure; · f3d90d30
      Guy Harris authored
      there's no need to keep it around in memory - when the frame data is
      read in when handing a frame, read in the information, if any, necessary
      to reconstruct the frame header, and reconstruct it.  This saves some
      This requires that the seek-and-read function be implemented inside
      Wiretap, and that the Wiretap handle remain open even after we've
      finished reading the file sequentially.
      This also points out that we can't really do X.25-over-Ethernet
      correctly, as we don't know where the direction (DTE->DCE or DCE->DTE)
      flag is stored; it's not clear how the Ethernet type 0x0805 for X.25
      Layer 3 is supposed to be handled in any case.  We eliminate
      X.25-over-Ethernet support (until we find out what we're supposed to
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=1975
  24. 15 Feb, 2000 1 commit
    • Gilbert Ramirez's avatar
      Create a header file for every packet-*.c file. Prune the packet.h file. · ddfa11e8
      Gilbert Ramirez authored
      This change allows you to add a new packet-*.c file and not cause a
      recompilation of everything that #include's packet.h
      Add the plugin_api.[ch] files ot the plugins/Makefile.am packaging list.
      Add #define YY_NO_UNPUT 1 to the lex source so that the yyunput symbol
      is not defined, squelching a compiler complaint when compiling the generated
      C file.
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=1637
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    • Guy Harris's avatar
      Provide a general mechanism by which dissectors can register "init" · 4fddc1f3
      Guy Harris authored
      routines, which are called before a dissection pass is made over all the
      packets in a capture - the "init" routine would clear out any state
      information that needs to be initialized before such a dissection pass.
      Make the NCP, SMB, AFS, and ONC RPC dissectors register their "init"
      routines with that mechanism, have the code that reads in a capture file
      call the routine that calls all registered "init" routines rather than
      calling a wired-in set of "init" routines, and also have the code that
      runs a filtering or colorizing pass over all the packets call that
      routine, as a filtering or colorizing pass is a dissection pass.
      Have the ONC RPC "init" routine zero out the table of RPC calls, so that
      it completely erases any state from the previous dissection pass (so
      that, for example, if you run a filtering pass, it doesn't mark any
      non-duplicate packets as duplicates because it remembers them from the
      previous pass).
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=1050
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    • Gilbert Ramirez's avatar
      I removed the ncp code from packet-ipx.c and created packet-ncp.c. Now that · ec1936b6
      Gilbert Ramirez authored
      I've started concentrating on the NetWare modules again, packet-ncp.c is going
      to start to grow. I also added IPX RIP to packet-ipx.c. Additionally, I added
      the END_OF_FRAME macro to packet.h, which is useful for many dissect()
      routines. (and I already modified packet-bootp.c and packet-data.c to use this
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=22