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    • Michael Mann's avatar
      Combine Decode As and port preferences for tcp.port dissector table. · 268841f3
      Michael Mann authored
      This patch introduces new APIs to allow dissectors to have a preference for
      a (TCP) port, but the underlying data is actually part of Decode As functionality.
      For now the APIs are intentionally separate from the regular APIs that register a
      dissector within a dissector table.  It may be possible to eventually combine the
      two so that all dissectors that register with a dissector table have an opportunity
      to "automatically" have a preference to adjust the "table value" through the
      preferences dialog.
      The tcp.port dissector table was used as the guinea pig.  This will eventually be
      expanded to other dissector tables as well (most notably UDP ports).  Some
      dissectors that "shared" a TCP/UDP port preference were also converted. It also
      removed the need for some preference callback functions (mostly when the callback
      function was the proto_reg_handoff function) so there is cleanup around that.
      Dissectors that has a port preference whose default was 0 were switched to using
      the dissector_add_for_decode_as_with_preference API rather than dissector_add_uint_with_preference
      Also added comments for TCP ports used that aren't IANA registered.
      Change-Id: I99604f95d426ad345f4b494598d94178b886eb67
      Reviewed-on: https://code.wireshark.org/review/17724Reviewed-by: 's avatarMichael Mann <mmann78@netscape.net>
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    • Gerald Combs's avatar
      Merge the CaveBear list into manuf.tmpl. · f0623415
      Gerald Combs authored
      If the following lines at the top of "Ethernet.txt" are anything to go
      $Revision: 2.83 $
      $Date: 1999/03/09 11:36:19 $
      $Author: map $
      $Id: Ethernet.txt,v 2.83 1999/03/09 11:36:19 map Exp $
      we've been fetching the same list over and over for quite some time.  Go
      ahead and merge the CaveBear list with manuf.tmpl and stop fetching it
      Fixup the way we split the lines we get from the IEEE while we're here,
      otherwise we log carriage returns in the middle of lines.
      The following CaveBear lines were skipped during the merge:
      Change-Id: I2110a7480a01a1bc5cbb6adf858acd9b5f75204c
      00:00:10 - Skipping CaveBear "Hughes LAN Systems (formerly Sytek)" in favor of "Hughes"
      00:00:11 - Skipping CaveBear "Tektronix" in favor of "Tektrnix"
      00:00:1A - Skipping CaveBear "AMD (?)" in favor of "AMD"
      00:00:20 - Skipping CaveBear "DIAB (Data Intdustrier AB)" in favor of "DIAB"
      00:00:21 - Skipping CaveBear "SC&C (PAM Soft&Hardware also reported)" in favor of "SC&C"
      00:00:24 - Skipping CaveBear "Olicom" in favor of "Olicom"
      00:00:3D - Skipping CaveBear "AT&T" in favor of "AT&T"
      00:00:46 - Skipping CaveBear "ISC-Bunker Ramo, An Olivetti Company" in favor of "ISC-BR"
      00:00:4B - Skipping CaveBear "APT	-ICL also reported" in favor of "APT"
      00:00:55 - Skipping CaveBear "AT&T" in favor of "AT&T"
      00:00:5A - Skipping CaveBear "Xerox 806 (unregistered)" in favor of "SkSchnei               # SK	(Schneider & Koch in Europe and Syskonnect outside of Europe)"
      00:00:62 - Skipping CaveBear "Honeywell" in favor of "Hneywell	# Honeywell"
      00:00:63 - Skipping CaveBear "Hewlett-Packard		LanProbe" in favor of "HP"
      00:00:69 - Skipping CaveBear "Concord Communications, Inc (although someone said Silicon Graphics)" in favor of "SGI"
      00:00:6B - Skipping CaveBear "MIPS" in favor of "MIPS"
      00:00:7A - Skipping CaveBear "Ardent" in favor of "Ardent"
      00:00:7D - Skipping CaveBear "Cray Research Superservers,Inc		[Also Harris (3M) (old)]" in favor of "Cray"
      00:00:A3 - Skipping CaveBear "Network Application Technology (NAT)" in favor of "NAT"
      00:00:A5 - Skipping CaveBear "Compatible Systems Corporation" in favor of "CSC"
      00:00:A7 - Skipping CaveBear "Network Computing Devices (NCD)	X-terminals" in favor of "NCD"
      00:00:A9 - Skipping CaveBear "Network Systems" in favor of "NetSys		# Network Systems"
      00:00:DD - Skipping CaveBear "Gould" in favor of "Gould"
      00:00:DE - Skipping CaveBear "Unigraph" in favor of "Unigraph"
      00:00:E1 - Skipping CaveBear "Hitachi (laptop built-in)" in favor of "Hitachi"
      00:00:F6 - Skipping CaveBear "A.M.C. (Applied Microsystems Corp.)" in favor of "Madge"
      00:01:FA - Skipping CaveBear "Compaq (PageMarq printers)" in favor of "Compaq"
      00:02:04 - Skipping CaveBear "Novell NE3200" in favor of "Novell"
      00:07:01 - Skipping CaveBear "Racal-Datacom" in favor of "Cisco		# RACAL-DATACOM"
      00:20:85 - Skipping CaveBear "3COM SuperStack II UPS management module" in favor of "3Com"
      00:40:0B - Skipping CaveBear "Crescendo (now owned by Cisco)" in favor of "Cresc"
      00:40:96 - Skipping CaveBear "Telesystems SLW Inc" in favor of "Aironet		# Cisco Systems, Inc."
      00:60:B0 - Skipping CaveBear "Hewlett-Packard" in favor of "HP"
      00:80:0F - Skipping CaveBear "SMC (Standard Microsystem Corp.)" in favor of "SMC"
      00:80:1C - Skipping CaveBear "Cisco" in favor of "Cisco		# NEWPORT SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS"
      00:80:96 - Skipping CaveBear "HDS (Human Designed Systems)	X terminals" in favor of "HDS"
      00:80:AD - Skipping CaveBear "CNet Technology			Used by Telebit (among others)" in favor of "Telebit"
      00:90:B1 - Skipping CaveBear "Cisco" in favor of "Cisco"
      00:E0:98 - Skipping CaveBear "Linksys				PCMCIA card" in favor of "Trend"
      02:07:01 - Skipping CaveBear "Racal-Datacom" in favor of "Interlan               # Interlan [now Racal-InterLAN]	DEC (UNIBUS or QBUS), Apollo, Cisco"
      02:CF:1F - Skipping CaveBear "CMC				Masscomp; Silicon Graphics; Prime EXL" in favor of "CMC"
      08:00:02 - Skipping CaveBear "3Com (formerly Bridge)" in favor of "3Com"
      08:00:03 - Skipping CaveBear "ACC (Advanced Computer Communications)" in favor of "ACC"
      08:00:08 - Skipping CaveBear "BBN (Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc.)" in favor of "BBN"
      08:00:09 - Skipping CaveBear "Hewlett-Packard" in favor of "HP"
      08:00:1A - Skipping CaveBear "Tiara? (used to have Data General)" in favor of "DataGenl	# Data General"
      08:00:38 - Skipping CaveBear "Bull" in favor of "Bull"
      08:00:3E - Skipping CaveBear "Motorola			VME bus processor modules" in favor of "Motorola"
      08:00:69 - Skipping CaveBear "Silicon Graphics" in favor of "SGI"
      08:00:79 - Skipping CaveBear "Silicon Graphics" in favor of "SGI"
      08:00:90 - Skipping CaveBear "Retix, Inc.			Bridges" in favor of "Retix"
      09:00:6A - Skipping CaveBear "AT&T" in favor of "AT&T"
      10:00:90 - Skipping CaveBear "Hewlett-Packard			Advisor products" in favor of "HP"
      10:00:D4 - Skipping CaveBear "DEC" in favor of "DEC"
      3C:00:00 - Skipping CaveBear "3Com				dual function (V.34 modem + Ethernet) card" in favor of "3Com"
      44:45:53 - Skipping CaveBear "Microsoft			(Windows95 internal "adapters")" in favor of "Microsoft"
      Reviewed-on: https://code.wireshark.org/review/17212Reviewed-by: 's avatarAnders Broman <a.broman58@gmail.com>
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