1. 14 Feb, 2014 1 commit
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      Update dfilter-test.py to use a much more modern test harness, · 4797eafd
      Gilbert Ramirez authored
      the "unittest" module that comes with Python. Specifically, this
      takes advantage of a couple of features in the "unittest" in
      Python 2.7. The tests are all the same as before, but much
      better managed.
      This is in preparation for some work on the display filter code.
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      · 1335d05c
      Stephen Fisher authored
       - Change the expected output of TVB test ck_eq_1 to match actual behavior
       - Remove a test that causes tshark to output an error for an invalid filter
         (putting the protocol on the right-hand side of the == operator)
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      Add to the fundamental types passed between the scanner and the parser. · 086774b7
      Gilbert Ramirez authored
      Besides "STRING", there is now "UNPARSED_STRING", where the distinction
      is that "STRING" was a double-quoted string and "UNPARSED_STRING" is just
      a sequence of characters that the scanner didn't know how to scan/parse,
      so it's up to the Ftype to parse it.
      This gives us more flexibility and prepares the dfilter parsing engine
      for the upcoming addition of the "contains" operator.
      In the process of doing this, I also re-did the double-quoted string
      support in the scanner, so that instead of the naively-simple support we
      used to have, double-quoted strings now can have embedded dobule-quotes,
      embedded octal sequences, and embedded hexadecimal sequences:
          "\""    embedded double-quote
          "\110"  embedded octal
          "\x48"  embedded hex
      Enhance the dfilter unit test script to be able to run a single collection
      of tests instead of having to run all of them all the time.
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