1. 13 May, 2018 2 commits
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      Lower rsync timeout to 120 seconds · fbeb0e33
      Bastian Blank authored
      We increasingly see TCP connections with insanely low timeouts.
      Especially in NAT or proxy environments, these timeouts can be as low as
      two or four minutes.  This makes them even too low for the default
      interval of the TCP keepalives enabled with SO_KEEPALIVE.
      The IO timeout setting in rsync also enables sending protocol level
      keepalives every half timeout.  Apart from a higher rate of keepalives,
      this change should not incur any cost.
      Closes: #882381
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      Make tar generation reproducible · bf868ed5
      Bastian Blank authored
      To generate the tar file reproducible we ask tar to sort the name, set
      the mtime to the build date and set root as owner and group for all
      Closes: #856860
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      Disable incremental recursive mode · c2b37c42
      Bastian Blank authored
      Incremental recursive mode causes rsync to receive file entries one by
      one, causing long run times just to retrieve the file list.  Without it,
      rsync just retrieves the file list in one transfer.
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      Break siblings out of push lock wait if timeout hits · 902cd3d3
      Bastian Blank authored
      If one lock wait timeouts, it delets it's own lock file.  This makes it
      impossible for the siblings to ever find all files existing at the same
      time.  Make sure they break out the wait loop in this case by always
      creating the all done marker.
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