Commit c18a173c authored by Daniel Stone's avatar Daniel Stone Committed by Peter Hutterer

dix: add helper functions to build up/verify the sprite trace

Touch events' sprite trace stays the same for the duration of the touch
Signed-off-by: default avatarPeter Hutterer <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarChase Douglas <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarChase Douglas <>
parent 40475261
......@@ -506,3 +506,90 @@ TouchEventHistoryReplay(TouchPointInfoPtr ti, DeviceIntPtr dev, XID resource)
/* FIXME: deliver the event */
TouchBuildDependentSpriteTrace(DeviceIntPtr dev, SpritePtr sprite)
int i;
TouchClassPtr t = dev->touch;
WindowPtr *trace;
SpritePtr srcsprite;
/* All touches should have the same sprite trace, so find and reuse an
* existing touch's sprite if possible, else use the device's sprite. */
for (i = 0; i < t->num_touches; i++)
if (t->touches[i].sprite.spriteTraceGood > 0)
if (i < t->num_touches)
srcsprite = &t->touches[i].sprite;
else if (dev->spriteInfo->sprite)
srcsprite = dev->spriteInfo->sprite;
return FALSE;
if (srcsprite->spriteTraceGood > sprite->spriteTraceSize)
trace = realloc(sprite->spriteTrace,
srcsprite->spriteTraceSize * sizeof(*trace));
if (!trace)
sprite->spriteTraceGood = 0;
return FALSE;
sprite->spriteTrace = trace;
sprite->spriteTraceSize = srcsprite->spriteTraceGood;
memcpy(sprite->spriteTrace, srcsprite->spriteTrace,
srcsprite->spriteTraceGood * sizeof(*trace));
sprite->spriteTraceGood = srcsprite->spriteTraceGood;
return TRUE;
* Ensure a window trace is present in ti->sprite, constructing one for
* TouchBegin events.
TouchEnsureSprite(DeviceIntPtr sourcedev, TouchPointInfoPtr ti,
InternalEvent *ev)
TouchClassPtr t = sourcedev->touch;
SpritePtr sprite = &ti->sprite;
/* We may not have a sprite if there are no applicable grabs or
* event selections, or if they've disappeared, or if all the grab
* owners have rejected the touch. Don't bother delivering motion
* events if not, but TouchEnd events still need to be processed so
* we can call FinishTouchPoint and release it for later use. */
if (ev->any.type == ET_TouchEnd)
return TRUE;
else if (ev->any.type != ET_TouchBegin)
return (sprite->spriteTraceGood > 0);
if (t->mode == XIDirectTouch)
/* Focus immediately under the touchpoint in direct touch mode.
* XXX: Do we need to handle crossing screens here? */
sprite->spriteTrace[0] =
XYToWindow(sprite, ev->device_event.root_x, ev->device_event.root_y);
else if (!TouchBuildDependentSpriteTrace(sourcedev, sprite))
return FALSE;
if (sprite->spriteTraceGood <= 0)
return FALSE;
/* Mark which grabs/event selections we're delivering to: max one grab per
* window plus the bottom-most event selection. */
ti->listeners = calloc(sprite->spriteTraceGood + 1, sizeof(*ti->listeners));
if (!ti->listeners)
sprite->spriteTraceGood = 0;
return FALSE;
ti->num_listeners = 0;
return TRUE;
......@@ -612,6 +612,10 @@ extern void TouchEventHistoryFree(TouchPointInfoPtr ti);
extern void TouchEventHistoryPush(TouchPointInfoPtr ti, const DeviceEvent *ev);
extern void TouchEventHistoryReplay(TouchPointInfoPtr ti, DeviceIntPtr dev, XID resource);
extern Bool TouchEnsureSprite(DeviceIntPtr sourcedev, TouchPointInfoPtr ti,
InternalEvent *ev);
extern Bool TouchBuildDependentSpriteTrace(DeviceIntPtr dev, SpritePtr sprite);
/* misc event helpers */
extern Mask GetEventMask(DeviceIntPtr dev, xEvent* ev, InputClientsPtr clients);
extern Mask GetEventFilter(DeviceIntPtr dev, xEvent *event);
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