Commit 11408870 authored by Ben Hutchings's avatar Ben Hutchings

Fix linux-doc, linux-manual, linux-source, linux-support package names

We don't want to include "-4.9" in them twice.  Add a "source_basename"
template variable that excludes any version suffix in the source package

(cherry picked from commit f3c51efd)

For master, nothing is immediately broken without this.  Also we have
no longer build a linux-manual package.  Change the changelog text
parent 7b34ddf4
......@@ -552,6 +552,7 @@ class Gencontrol(Base):
self.vars = {
'upstreamversion': self.version.linux_upstream,
'version': self.version.linux_version,
'source_basename': re.sub(r'-[\d.]+$', '', self.changelog[0].source),
'source_upstream': self.version.upstream,
'source_package': self.changelog[0].source,
'abiname': self.abiname_version + self.abiname_part,
......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ linux (4.17~rc2-1~exp1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
* [armhf] Enable MTD_NAND_MARVELL as module, replacing MTD_NAND_PXA3xx
* linux-kbuild: Update genksyms makefile to run flex and bison
* Add support for building only versioned tools packages
* Change generation of linux-doc, linux-source, linux-support package names
[ Luca Boccassi ]
* Build-Dep on libelf-dev even for nopython/notools builds to fix FTBFS,
Package: @source_package@-doc-@version@
Package: @source_basename@-doc-@version@
Build-Profiles: <!stage1>
Architecture: all
Depends: ${misc:Depends}
......@@ -11,4 +11,3 @@ Description: Linux kernel specific documentation for version @version@
notes and the like. Consult the file
for the detailed description of the contents.
Package: @source_package@-source-@version@
Package: @source_basename@-source-@version@
Build-Profiles: <!stage1>
Architecture: all
Section: kernel
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ Description: Linux kernel source for version @version@ with Debian patches
features that have already been (or are believed to be) accepted by the
upstream maintainers.
Package: @source_package@-support-@abiname@
Package: @source_basename@-support-@abiname@
Build-Profiles: <!stage1>
Architecture: all
Section: devel
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