Commit f2cc2cdf authored by Dann Frazier's avatar Dann Frazier

move ahci patch to drivers subdir like all the other ones

svn path=/dists/etch/linux-2.6/; revision=9349
parent 96da9558
......@@ -7,5 +7,5 @@
+ features/all/drivers/i2c-piix4-sb600.patch
+ features/all/drivers/i2c-piix4-sb700.patch
+ features/all/drivers/ata_piix-ich9-ide-mode.patch
+ features/all/ahci-ignore-sb600-internal-error.patch
+ features/all/drivers/ahci-ignore-sb600-internal-error.patch
+ bugfix/intel-agp-i965-memory-map.patch
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