Commit 5b156e30 authored by José Millán Soto's avatar José Millán Soto Committed by Javier Hernández

Fix for bug #650097 - accerciser shows all text attributes in the same row

parent 21f711c5
......@@ -1274,8 +1274,10 @@ class _SectionText(_InterfaceSection):
if not attr_string:
return {}
attr_dict = {}
for attr_pair in attr_string.split('; '):
for attr_pair in attr_string.split(';'):
key, value = attr_pair.split(':', 1)
if ((key[0]==' ') and (len(key) > 0)): #at-spi 1
key = key[1:]
attr_dict[key] = value
return attr_dict
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