Commit a4796e9a authored by Eitan Isaacson's avatar Eitan Isaacson

Don't depend on widget name from GtkBuilder tree (bug #614577).

parent 27575289
......@@ -81,11 +81,13 @@ class InterfaceViewer(ViewportPlugin):
# Mark all expanders with no associated section classes as unimplemented
implemented_sections = [obj.interface_name.lower() for obj in self.sections]
implemented_expanders = [s.expander for s in self.sections]
vbox_ifaces = ui_xml.get_object('vbox_ifaces')
for expander in vbox_ifaces.get_children():
iface_name ='expander_', '')
if iface_name not in implemented_sections:
if expander not in implemented_expanders:
iface_name = \
expander.get_label().lower().replace(' ', '').replace('_', '')
section = _InterfaceSection(ui_xml, self.node, iface_name)
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