Commit f7dd1242 authored by Joanmarie Diggs's avatar Joanmarie Diggs Committed by Javier Hernández

Fix for bug 691141 - Interface Viewer does not populate in Python 3

parent 5fd565b7
......@@ -232,15 +232,8 @@ class _InterfaceSection(object):
expander = expander or self.expander
label = expander.get_label_widget()
label_text = label.get_label()
if isinstance(label_text, str):
label_text = label_text.decode('UTF-8')
not_implemented_str = _('(not implemented)')
if isinstance(not_implemented_str, str):
not_implemented_str = not_implemented_str.encode('UTF-8')
if sensitive:
label_text = label_text.replace(not_implemented_str, '')
label_text = label_text.strip(' ')
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