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    minimum gtk version upgraded, link cleanup (Incomplete!). Check min · 750bab1b
    Pawel Salek authored
    * INSTALL: minimum gtk version upgraded, link cleanup (Incomplete!).
    * configure.in: Check min versions, new option for Mac OS X desktop,
      check for *time_r funcs, remove unnecessary check for iconv
    * src/filter-edit.h, src/balsa-index.c, src/balsa-mblist.c
    * src/mailbox-conf.c, src/filter-edit-dialog.c, src/pref-manager.c
    * src/address-book-config.c, libbalsa/misc.[hc]
    * libbalsa/libbalsa-conf.[hc], libbalsa/address.c, libbalsa/identity.c
    * src/filter-edit-callbacks.c: Assume we have Gtk+/glib >= 2.6.0
    * libbalsa/imap/imap_search.c:
      use GDate instead of localtime_r (avoid dependency to libbalsa)
    * libbalsa/rfc3156.c: use glib random func
    * libbalsa/Makefile.am, libbalsa/missing{_time.c,.h}:
      add system-dependent time_r funcs
    * src/main-window.c:
      Add basic Mac OS X menu integration, assume we have Gtk+/glib >= 2.6.0
    * src/sendmsg-window.c: Add basic Mac OS X menu integration, use g_strdup.
    * src/save-restore.[hc], libinit_balsa/assistant_page_defclient.[hc],
    * libinit_balsa/assistant_init.c: No Gnome default client without Gnome
    * src/toolbar-factory.c, src/main.c, src/Makefile.am:
      Build without Gnome support
    * src/print-gtk.c: Mac OS X doesn't define _NL_MEASUREMENT_MEASUREMENT
    * src/balsa-icons.c:  Remove unnecessary include.
    * src/balsa-bonobo.[hc]: Only compiled if building with Gnome support
    * src/balsa-app.c:
      Gdk on Mac OS X cannot create a new colour map, fall back to system
    * src/ab-main.c:
      Build Gnome stuff only when available, assume we have Gtk+/glib >=
      2.6.0, add basic Mac OS X menu integration.
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=8068