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    * New upstream release. · b5f12ce7
    Joe Drew authored
        + Now allows accented characters. (Closes: Bug#213800)
        + Search uses locate always (Closes: Bug#220722)
      * debian/rules
        + Add gnome team rules
        + Use dh_gconf and dh_scrollkeeper, and remove the relevant bits from
      * debian/control:
        + Add Uploaders for gnome team
        + Add Build-Depends on gnome-pkg-tools; update debconf build-depends to
          >= 4.1.84 because of use of dh-gconf and dh_scrollkeeper
        + Suggest:
          - mtools (Closes: Bug#240612)
          - gnomesu instead of xsu (Closes: Bug#197318)
      * debian/README.Debian
        + Mention gtkfontsel (Closes: Bug#168217)
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