Commit 19357733 authored by Luis Medinas's avatar Luis Medinas

Fix Bug 642913 - ‘NautilusMenuProviderIface’ has no member named ‘get_toolbar_items’

Extensions aren't suppose to install toolbar items anymore.
parent edc47e17
......@@ -728,24 +728,11 @@ nautilus_disc_burn_get_background_items (NautilusMenuProvider *provider,
return items;
static GList *
nautilus_disc_burn_get_toolbar_items (NautilusMenuProvider *provider,
GtkWidget *window,
NautilusFileInfo *current_folder)
GList *items;
items = NULL;
return items;
static void
nautilus_disc_burn_menu_provider_iface_init (NautilusMenuProviderIface *iface)
iface->get_file_items = nautilus_disc_burn_get_file_items;
iface->get_background_items = nautilus_disc_burn_get_background_items;
iface->get_toolbar_items = nautilus_disc_burn_get_toolbar_items;
static void
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