Commit 1ec3d714 authored by Philippe Rouquier's avatar Philippe Rouquier

Fix #601109 - burning disks with burn:// doesn't set the disk label

parent 70255cfc
......@@ -214,6 +214,16 @@ nautilus_disc_burn_is_empty (GtkWindow *toplevel)
return FALSE;
static void
brasero_session_name_changed (BraseroProjectName *project_name,
BraseroBurnSession *session)
const gchar *label;
label = gtk_entry_get_text (GTK_ENTRY (project_name));
brasero_burn_session_set_label (session, label);
static void
write_activate (GtkWindow *toplevel)
......@@ -239,6 +249,10 @@ write_activate (GtkWindow *toplevel)
name_options = brasero_project_name_new (NULL);
brasero_project_name_set_session (BRASERO_PROJECT_NAME (name_options),
g_signal_connect (name_options,
G_CALLBACK (brasero_session_name_changed),
string = g_strdup_printf ("<b>%s</b>", _("Disc name"));
options = brasero_utils_pack_properties (string,
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