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    Adds the ability to build Cogl standalone · efb570fd
    Robert Bragg authored
    This adds an autogen.sh, configure.ac and build/autotool files etc under
    clutter/cogl and makes some corresponding Makefile.am changes that make
    it possible to build and install Cogl as a standalone library.
    Some notable things about this are:
    A standalone installation of Cogl installs 3 pkg-config files;
    cogl-1.0.pc, cogl-gl-1.0.pc and cogl-2.0.pc. The second is only for
    compatibility with what clutter installed though I'm not sure that
    anything uses it so maybe we could remove it. cogl-1.0.pc is what
    Clutter would use if it were updated to build against a standalone cogl
    library. cogl-2.0.pc is what you would use if you were writing a
    standalone Cogl application.
    A standalone installation results in two libraries currently, libcogl.so
    and libcogl-pango.so. Notably we don't include a major number in the
    sonames because libcogl supports two major API versions; 1.x as used by
    Clutter and the experimental 2.x API for standalone applications.
    Parallel installation of later versions e.g. 3.x and beyond will be
    supportable either with new sonames or if we can maintain ABI then we'll
    continue to share libcogl.so.
    The headers are similarly not installed into a directory with a major
    version number since the same headers are shared to export the 1.x and
    2.x APIs (The only difference is that cogl-2.0.pc ensures that
    -DCOGL_ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_2_0_API is used). Parallel installation of
    later versions is not precluded though since we can either continue
    sharing or later add a major version suffix.