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    Starts porting Cogl conformance tests from Clutter · b5a76570
    Robert Bragg authored
    This makes a start on porting the Cogl conformance tests that currently
    still live in the Clutter repository to be standalone Cogl tests that no
    longer require a ClutterStage.
    The main thing is that this commit brings in is the basic testing
    infrastructure we need, so now we can port more and more tests
    Since the test suite wants a way to synchronize X requests/replies and
    we can't simply call XSynchronize in the test-utils code before we know
    if we are really running on X this adds a check for an environment
    variable named "COGL_X11_SYNC" in cogl-xlib-renderer.c and if it's set
    it forces XSynchronize (dpy, TRUE) to be called.
    By default the conformance tests are run off screen. This makes the
    tests run much faster and they also don't interfere with other work you
    may want to do by constantly stealing focus. CoglOnscreen framebuffers
    obviously don't get tested this way so it's important that the tests
    also get run on screen every once in a while, especially if changes are
    being made to CoglFramebuffer related code.  On screen testing can be
    enabled by setting COGL_TEST_ONSCREEN=1 in your environment.