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    Added devhelp.in Updated from Gossip Removed html widget check, always use · 543fc562
    Mikael Hallendal authored
    2004-03-15  Mikael Hallendal  <micke@imendio.com>
    	* Makefile.am: Added devhelp.in
    	* autogen.sh: Updated from Gossip
    	* configure.in: Removed html widget check, always use Gecko
    	* devhelp.in: New script that sets MOZILLA_HOME
    	* src/Makefile.am: Updated for file changes
    	* src/dh-gecko-utils.cpp: Added, based on patch for yelp by Marco.
    	* src/dh-gecko-utils.h: same
    	* src/dh-html-gtkhtml2.c: Removed
    	* src/dh-html-mozilla.c: Removed
    	* src/dh-html.c:
    	* src/dh-html.h:
    	- Only support Gecko now.
    	* src/dh-marshal.list: Added marshaller for title-changed
    	* src/dh-util.c:
    	* src/dh-util.h:
    	(dh_dot_dir): Added
    	* src/dh-window.c: (window_populate): Don't put the html widget in a
    	  scrolled window, gecko provides it's own.
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