Commit 9e76d156 authored by Sébastien Wilmet's avatar Sébastien Wilmet

Window: add some FIXME comments

parent 9fa5f681
......@@ -280,6 +280,11 @@ close_cb (GSimpleAction *action,
DhWindowPrivate *priv = dh_window_get_instance_private (window);
gint page_num;
/* FIXME: the code here closes the current *tab*, but in help-overlay.ui
* it is documented as "Close the current window". Look for example at
* what gedit does, or other GNOME apps with a GtkNotebook plus Ctrl+W
* shortcut, and do the same.
page_num = gtk_notebook_get_current_page (priv->notebook);
gtk_notebook_remove_page (priv->notebook, page_num);
......@@ -787,6 +792,10 @@ web_view_zoom_level_notify_cb (DhWebView *web_view,
update_zoom_actions_sensitivity (window);
/* FIXME: connect to this signal on the whole DhWindow widget instead? And call
* webkit_web_view_go_back/forward() on the active web view. Because when the
* WebKitWebView doesn't have the focus, currently this callback is not called.
static gboolean
web_view_button_press_event_cb (WebKitWebView *web_view,
GdkEventButton *event,
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