Commit 1e568775 authored by Felix Riemann's avatar Felix Riemann

postasa: Use correct printf-format string for goffset-value

Fixes compiler warnings for 32bit targets.
parent 1725645c
......@@ -307,7 +307,8 @@ uploads_add_entry (EogPostasaPlugin *plugin, EogImage *image, GCancellable *canc
g_error_free (error);
size = g_strdup_printf ("%luKB", eog_image_get_bytes (image) / 1024);
size = g_strdup_printf ("%" G_GOFFSET_FORMAT "KB",
eog_image_get_bytes (image) / 1024);
iter = g_slice_new0 (GtkTreeIter);
/* insert the data into the upload's list store */
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