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    Fix omission from the GtkVBox to GtkBox conversion · 73fedee3
    astian authored
    Commits 7d6a5f17 and bd9f1a6a (2013-06-09) that changed the users of
    GtkVbox to GtkBox neglected to change the type names in the instance and
    class structures (it changed only the GObject type IDs).
    Maybe this wasn't noticed before because GtkVBox is in fact derived from
    GtkBox, which means that when the GObject machinery accessed the
    structure it simply used the smaller prefix memory area corresponding to
    a GtkBox.  So this bug may have been inconsequential, but it does
    illustrate the amount of trust (read "burden") that GObject places on
    the programmer by casting types all over the place (not that it can do
    much better while staying in C).
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