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    sidebar-thumbnails: display a first blank thumbnail · 2fe2acef
    Nelson Benítez León authored
    when following conditions are met:
     - We are in dual page mode
     - Option for "odd pages on left side" is off
     - We are using the GtkIconView (TODO: GtkTreeView implementation)
     - GtkIconView is displaying two columns of thumbnails
    This blank thumbnail can't be selected, and we make sure
    the page count logic (when relying on number of items in IconView)
    is updated accordingly when we are displaying the blank thumbnail.
    The blank thumbnail item can be distinguished among all other items
    in the GtkIconView as it's the only one which has the COLUMN_SURFACE
    as NULL while COLUMN_THUMBNAIL_SET is set to TRUE.
    Addresses issue #30, however there is a corner case still missing
    to considerit fixed: When resizing the sidebar, it should keep
    the blank thumbnail.
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