Commit 00541fa6 authored by Nelson Benítez León's avatar Nelson Benítez León Committed by Germán Poo-Caamaño

ev-view: fix ComboBoxText user selected item's logic

so that:

 - we don't force the first item as default, i.e.
   permit the user to dismiss the dialog without
   select any option.

 - detect when user didn't select any option or
   selected the already active option, as we also
   need to remove combobox in those cases. This both
   cases couldn't be detected with GtkComboBox "changed"
   signal, that's why we have to use "notify::popup-shown"
   for that.

  Fixes issue #294
parent 871191e1
......@@ -2573,8 +2573,8 @@ ev_view_form_field_choice_changed (GtkWidget *widget,
gint item;
item = gtk_combo_box_get_active (GTK_COMBO_BOX (widget));
if (!field_choice->selected_items ||
GPOINTER_TO_INT (field_choice->selected_items->data) != item) {
if (item != -1 && (!field_choice->selected_items ||
GPOINTER_TO_INT (field_choice->selected_items->data) != item)) {
g_list_free (field_choice->selected_items);
field_choice->selected_items = NULL;
field_choice->selected_items = g_list_prepend (field_choice->selected_items,
......@@ -2622,6 +2622,51 @@ ev_view_form_field_choice_changed (GtkWidget *widget,
typedef struct _PopupShownData {
GtkWidget *choice;
EvFormField *field;
EvView *view;
} PopupShownData;
static gboolean
ev_view_form_field_choice_popup_shown_real (PopupShownData *data)
ev_view_form_field_choice_changed (data->choice, data->field);
ev_view_form_field_destroy (data->choice, data->view);
g_object_unref (data->choice);
g_object_unref (data->field);
g_free (data);
return FALSE;
static void
ev_view_form_field_choice_popup_shown_cb (GObject *self,
GParamSpec *pspec,
EvView *view)
EvFormField *field;
GtkWidget *choice;
gboolean shown;
PopupShownData *data;
g_object_get (self, "popup-shown", &shown, NULL);
if (shown)
return; /* popup is already opened */
/* Popup has been closed */
field = g_object_get_data (self, "form-field");
choice = GTK_WIDGET (self);
data = g_new0 (PopupShownData, 1);
data->choice = g_object_ref (choice);
data->field = g_object_ref (field);
data->view = view;
/* We need to use an idle here because combobox "active" item is not updated yet */
g_idle_add ((GSourceFunc) ev_view_form_field_choice_popup_shown_real, (gpointer) data);
static GtkWidget *
ev_view_form_field_choice_create_widget (EvView *view,
EvFormField *field)
......@@ -2630,7 +2675,7 @@ ev_view_form_field_choice_create_widget (EvView *view,
GtkWidget *choice;
GtkTreeModel *model;
gint n_items, i;
gint selected_item = 0;
gint selected_item = -1;
n_items = ev_document_forms_form_field_choice_get_n_items (EV_DOCUMENT_FORMS (view->document),
......@@ -2729,12 +2774,10 @@ ev_view_form_field_choice_create_widget (EvView *view,
gtk_combo_box_set_active (GTK_COMBO_BOX (choice), selected_item);
gtk_combo_box_popup (GTK_COMBO_BOX (choice));
g_signal_connect (choice, "changed",
G_CALLBACK (ev_view_form_field_choice_changed),
g_signal_connect_after (choice, "changed",
G_CALLBACK (ev_view_form_field_destroy),
/* See issue #294 for why we use this instead of "changed" signal */
g_signal_connect (choice, "notify::popup-shown",
G_CALLBACK (ev_view_form_field_choice_popup_shown_cb),
g_object_unref (model);
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