Commit 0157194b authored by Jason Crain's avatar Jason Crain

build: fix meson build when ps and dvi are disabled

When building with both ps and dvi support disabled, meson fails with
the message `Unknown variable "libspectre_dep"`. This is because
libspectre_dep is set in a conditional statement. Fix it by setting
libspectre_dep to a disabler object when ps and dvi support are
parent d69158ec
......@@ -315,6 +315,8 @@ if not get_option('ps').disabled() or not get_option('dvi').disabled()
libspectre_req_version = '>= 0.2.0'
libspectre_dep = dependency('libspectre', version: libspectre_req_version, required: false)
config_h.set('HAVE_SPECTRE', libspectre_dep.found())
libspectre_dep = disabler()
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