Commit 43cc87de authored by Nelson Benítez León's avatar Nelson Benítez León

set MIN_SCALE back to previous low value

Commit 27a4b3e5 changed minimum scale value
from 5.4% to 20%, that's a sane value for
normal sized documents (A4, letter,etc) but
for large documents like comics is a too high
value (preventing further zoom out).

So, set it back to its previous value.

Issue #702
parent 8c61fcc6
......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ typedef struct {
EvRectangle doc_rect;
} EvViewChild;
#define MIN_SCALE 0.2
#define MIN_SCALE 0.05409 /* large documents (comics) need a small value, see #702 */
#define ZOOM_IN_FACTOR 1.2
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