Commit 3c7d8c28 authored by Lucian Langa's avatar Lucian Langa

update NEWS files

parent e3c21f98
......@@ -22,15 +22,13 @@ Miscellaneous Fixes:
Fix update online status
Fix re-fetching of expired cache items
Fix adding feed requiring authentication
Do not crash on canceling imports
Do not crash on cancelling imports
Show feed comments images
Fix folder rename
Revan opml import process
Fix editing feeds
Fix deleton for articles no longer present in the feed
Fix deletion for articles no longer present in the feed
Respect --disable-schemas-install configure option
39f3121 add gconf option to disable playing embeded objects in rss browser
e9e33a5 temporary disable filter of articles
Properly support importing file:// type feeds
Handle media extension properly
Implement browser menu zoom controls
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