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GIMP-Help Authors and Contributors
Active Content Writers:
* Axel Wernicke :: German content.
* Roman Joost (romanofski) :: German content.
* Ulf-D. Ehlert :: German content.
* Julien Hardelin :: English and French content.
* Jakub Friedl :: Czech and English content.
* Hans De Jonge :: Dutch content
* Raymon Van Wanrooij :: Dutch content
* Marco Ciampa :: Italian content.
* Alessandro Falappa :: Italian content.
* Semka Kuloviæ-Debals :: Croatian content
* Manuel Quiñones :: Spanish content
* Choi Ji-Hui(Dust) :: Korean content
* Sally C. Barry :: English content
* Nickolay V. Shmyrev :: Russian content.
Graphics, Stylesheets:
* Jakub Steiner (jimmac) :: Docbook Icons.
* Roman Joost :: CSS stylesheets.
* Daniel Egger :: XSLT stylesheets.
* Øyvind Kolås :: CSS stylesheets.
Buildsystem, Technical Contributors:
* Sven Neumann :: Makefile stuff.
* Michael Natterer (mitch) :: Makefile stuff.
* Henrik Brix Andersen (brix) :: Makefile stuff.
* Daniel Egger :: Makefile stuff and initial project setup.
* Thomas Schraitle :: Technical consultancy.
* Chris Hübsch :: Technical consultancy.
* Axel Wernicke :: Formatting styleguide.
* Nickolay V. Shmyrev :: Makefile and XSLT.
Thanks for Contributions from:
* Domingo Stephan :: German content.
* Thomas Lotze :: German content.
* Thomas Güttler :: German content.
* Zhong Yaotang :: Chinese content.
* Calum Mackay :: English content.
* Thomas S Lendo :: German content.
* Daniel Egger (prof) :: English and German content. Overall structure.
* Mel Boyce (syngin) :: English content.
* Oliver Ellis (Red Haze) :: Filter Pack.
* Markus Reinhardt :: German content.
* Alexander Weiher :: German content.
* Michael Hölzen :: German content.
* Raymond Ostertag :: English and French content.
* Cédric Gémy :: English and French content.
* Sébastien Barre :: French content.
* Niklas Mattison :: Swedish content.
* Daryl Lee :: English grammar and spell checker.
* William Skaggs :: English content.
* Cai Qian (蔡芊):: Chinese content.
* Yang Hong (杨红):: Chinese screenshots.
* Xceals :: Chinese screenshots and content.
* Eric Lamarque :: French content.
* Robert van Drunen :: Dutch content.
* Marco Marega :: Italian content.
* Mike Vargas :: Italian content.
* Andrea Zito :: Italian content.
* Karine Delvare :: French content.
* David 'Ilicz' Klementa :: Czech content.
* Jan Smith :: Flash Tutorials.
* Adolf Gerold :: German content.
* Roxana Chernogolova :: Russian content.
* Alexandre Prokoudine :: Russian content.
* Grigory Bakunov :: Russian content.
* Oleg Fritz :: Russian content.
* Mick Curtis :: English content.
* Ulf-D. Ehlert :: German content.
* Vitaly Lomov :: Russian content.
* Anne Schneider :: XSLT fixes.
* Pierre PERRIER :: French content.
* Peter Volkov :: Makefile contribution
Maintainance, Coordination:
* Roman Joost :: Central coordination and release management.
* Daniel Egger :: Background management and quality assurance.
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Hacking Guide
1. Introduction
The GIMP documentation project is mainly working with docbook xml files
to create the GIMP manual / online help. Since there are different
approaches how to create and edit such files as well as different tools
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order of the language codes
§5. Indention
§5.1. As character used to create indention space or tab characters can
be used, but it is higly recommended not to mix space and tab character
usage in one single xml file.
§5.1. Space or tab characters can be used for indentation, but it is higly
recommended not to mix space and tab character usage in one single xml
§5.2. Indention width is two spaces (0x20). One tab (0x09) is equivalent
to 8 spaces (0x20).
§5.3. Indention is done for the content of all tags that start a new line
Installation instructions for GIMP Help
This package includes prebuilt help files for The GIMP 2.0 as well as
the XML sources that are needed to rebuild the HTML files.
If you downloaded this tarball to install the help files, you don't
need to worry about how to build the files. Just run the usual
commands to install the prebuilt help:
make install (you need root priviledges for this last step)
In order for configure to locate the GIMP installation, pkg-config
needs to find gimp-2.0.pc. This file is installed with GIMP. If you
installed GIMP by means of binary package, you may have to install
the GIMP development package that provides gimp-2.0.pc.
If you want to work on the help content, you should enable the build
of the help files by using the --enable-build configure option:
./configure --enable-build
The GIMP help documents are written in Docbook XML. Since the GIMP
help browser wants HTML files, the documents need to be converted.
This is done as an XSLT [1] using xsltproc [2].
If you encounter any problems during the build, these are likely
caused by the XSLT processor not being able to locate stylesheets it
needs to do the transformation. You should have an XML catalog file
that helps the XSLT processor to locate your locally installed
stylesheets. In case you are missing such a catalog file or it is
incomplete, you can specify the location of the stylesheets
explicitely, for example:
./configure --with-xsl=/usr/share/sgml/docbook/stylesheet/xsl/nwalsh
By default we do not allow the XSLT processor to attempt to download
external resources. If you have a fast internet connection, it may be
useful to allow xsltproc to fetch DTDs or entities over the network:
./configure --enable-network
If you want to test the built help files without installing them, you
can create a symlink from $prefix/share/gimp/2.0/help to the html
directory or set the environment variable GIMP2_HELP_URI.
In case you just want to play with the help files without having GIMP
installed, you can disable the check for gimp-2.0 like this:
./configure --without-gimp
-- The GIMP-Help team.
Currently active maintainers
Róman Joost
Userid: romanofski
Ulf-D. Ehlert
Userid: ulfehlert
Marco Ciampa
Userid: marcoc
Julien Hardelin
Userid: jhardlin
(This file was generated automatically
from "gimp-help-2.doap". Do not edit.)
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GIMP Help 2 release 2.6.1
- Bugfixes: #599700, #618143, #611265, #563659, #602659
- spelling fixes and new translations for: Italian, English, German, French,
Japnese, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Korean
- XSLT Stylesheet improvements
- Build system improviements
contributions from: Alexandre Prokoudine, Andrew Pitonyak, Daniel Nylander,
JiHui Choi, Julien Hardelin, Kolbjørn Stuestøl, Luis Diego Alpizar, Marco
Ciampa, Róman Joost, SimaMoto RyôTa, Ulf-D. Ehlert, Vitaly
GIMP Help 2 release 2.6.0
- Bugfixes: #591510, #562448, #568420, #569729, #569731, #569733,
#569739, #574040, #572673, #557443, #576230, #577710, #556314,
#573828, #583840, #573257, #580532, #585823, #588318, #588316,
#544965, #569739, #591510, #591510,
- spelling fixes and new translations for: English, German, Italian,
French, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish
- website typo fixes
contributions from: Ulf-D. Ehlert, Julien Hardelin, Vitaly Lomov,
Alexandre Prokoudine, Andrew Pitonyak, Marco Ciampa, SiMaMoto RyoTa
(島本良太), Aron Xu, JiHui Choi, Daniel Nylander, Alessandro Falappa,
Sven Neumann, Kolbjørn Stuestøl, Axel Wernicke, Žygimantas Beručka,
DCStrain, Steve Hoover
GIMP Help 2 release 2.4.2
- Bugfixes: #515535, #529924, #546324, #550551, #551082
- Quickreference translations and improvements: Italian, Swedish,
Norwegian, Russian
- spelling fixes new content for: German, French, Italian,