file-pnm: Remove clamping when loading PFM files

(cherry picked from commit bfcb7fc593a2dc2d910f94ef9b2379ec97a592a0)
parent f63a7b29
......@@ -1020,7 +1020,10 @@ pnm_load_rawpfm (PNMScanner *scan,
* little vague about what the scale factor should be used
* for */
data[x] *= fabsf (info->scale_factor);
data[x] = fmaxf (0.0f, fminf (FLT_MAX, data[x]));
/* Keep values smaller than zero. That is in line with what the
* TIFF loader does. If the user doesn't want the negative numbers
* he has to get rid of them afterwards */
/* data[x] = fmaxf (0.0f, fminf (FLT_MAX, data[x])); */
gegl_buffer_set (buffer,
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