Commit a7798936 authored by Sven Neumann's avatar Sven Neumann Committed by Sven Neumann

declared function calling exit() as G_GNUC_NORETURN.

2008-12-23  Sven Neumann  <>

	* app/batch.c: declared function calling exit() as G_GNUC_NORETURN.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=27825
parent d54686d2
2008-12-23 Sven Neumann <>
* tools/gimptool.c: declared function usage() as G_GNUC_NORETURN.
* app/batch.c
* tools/gimptool.c: declared functions calling exit() as
2008-12-21 Aurimas Juška <>
......@@ -41,7 +41,8 @@
#define BATCH_DEFAULT_EVAL_PROC "plug-in-script-fu-eval"
static gboolean batch_exit_after_callback (Gimp *gimp);
static void batch_exit_after_callback (Gimp *gimp) G_GNUC_NORETURN;
static void batch_run_cmd (Gimp *gimp,
const gchar *proc_name,
GimpProcedure *procedure,
......@@ -123,7 +124,7 @@ batch_run (Gimp *gimp,
* message "batch command experienced an execution error" would appear
* and gimp would hang forever.
static gboolean
static void
batch_exit_after_callback (Gimp *gimp)
if (gimp->be_verbose)
......@@ -135,8 +136,6 @@ batch_exit_after_callback (Gimp *gimp)
tile_swap_exit ();
return TRUE;
static void
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