Commit d89ed759 authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan

app: small logics improvement.

Current migration code would still return TRUE for success if the copy
of a regular file failed for any reason.
Also getting rid of some weird block and making sure we free dirname
only when it has been assigned a value.
parent 28c3fd92
......@@ -658,8 +658,9 @@ user_install_dir_copy (GimpUserInstall *install,
GDir *dest_dir = NULL;
gchar dest[1024];
const gchar *basename;
gchar *dirname;
GError *error = NULL;
gchar *dirname = NULL;
gchar *name;
GError *error = NULL;
gboolean success = FALSE;
if (level >= 5)
......@@ -675,12 +676,9 @@ user_install_dir_copy (GimpUserInstall *install,
goto error;
gchar *basename = g_path_get_basename (source);
dirname = g_build_filename (base, basename, NULL);
g_free (basename);
name = g_path_get_basename (source);
dirname = g_build_filename (base, name, NULL);
g_free (name);
success = user_install_mkdir (install, dirname);
if (! success)
......@@ -696,16 +694,17 @@ user_install_dir_copy (GimpUserInstall *install,
while ((basename = g_dir_read_name (source_dir)) != NULL)
gchar *name = g_build_filename (source, basename, NULL);
name = g_build_filename (source, basename, NULL);
if (g_file_test (name, G_FILE_TEST_IS_REGULAR))
g_snprintf (dest, sizeof (dest), "%s%c%s",
dirname, G_DIR_SEPARATOR, basename);
if (! user_install_file_copy (install, name, dest,
success = user_install_file_copy (install, name, dest,
if (! success)
g_free (name);
goto error;
......@@ -729,7 +728,8 @@ user_install_dir_copy (GimpUserInstall *install,
if (dest_dir)
g_dir_close (dest_dir);
g_free (dirname);
if (dirname)
g_free (dirname);
return success;
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