Commit e51cb3c9 authored by Felipe Borges's avatar Felipe Borges

installed-media: List "x86_64" and "amd64" in supported architectures

Some medias will advertise themselves as "amd64".
parent 0c402729
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ private class Boxes.InstalledMedia : Boxes.InstallerMedia {
".vpc", ".vpc.gz",
".cloop", ".cloop.gz" };
public const string[] supported_architectures = {
"i686", "i586", "i486", "i386"
"i686", "i586", "i486", "i386", "x86_64", "amd64"
public override bool need_user_input_for_vm_creation { get { return false; } }
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