Commit 6b48994b authored by Dan Winship's avatar Dan Winship Committed by Bastien Nocera

network: disable the Hotspot button if the device does not support it

If the wireless device doesn't support either of the two possible
hotspot modes, disable the button. Also, add a tooltip to the button
when it's disabled, explaining why ("device does not support" or
"system policy prohibits").
parent 30144e58
......@@ -1255,6 +1255,8 @@ net_device_wifi_constructed (GObject *object)
NMClient *client;
NMRemoteSettings *remote_settings;
NMClientPermissionResult perm;
NMDevice *device;
NMDeviceWifiCapability caps;
GtkWidget *widget;
G_OBJECT_CLASS (net_device_wifi_parent_class)->constructed (object);
......@@ -1263,12 +1265,22 @@ net_device_wifi_constructed (GObject *object)
g_signal_connect (client, "notify::wireless-enabled",
G_CALLBACK (wireless_enabled_toggled), device_wifi);
/* only show the button if the user can create a hotspot */
perm = nm_client_get_permission_result (client, NM_CLIENT_PERMISSION_WIFI_SHARE_OPEN);
nm_device = net_device_get_nm_device (NET_DEVICE (device_wifi));
/* only enable the button if the user can create a hotspot */
widget = GTK_WIDGET (gtk_builder_get_object (device_wifi->priv->builder,
gtk_widget_set_sensitive (widget, perm == NM_CLIENT_PERMISSION_RESULT_YES ||
perm = nm_client_get_permission_result (client, NM_CLIENT_PERMISSION_WIFI_SHARE_OPEN);
caps = nm_device_wifi_get_capabilities (NM_DEVICE_WIFI (nm_device));
gtk_widget_set_tooltip (widget, _("System policy prohibits use as a Hotspot"));
gtk_widget_set_sensitive (widget, FALSE);
} else if (!(caps & (NM_WIFI_DEVICE_CAP_AP | NM_WIFI_DEVICE_CAP_ADHOC))) {
gtk_widget_set_tooltip (widget, _("Wireless device does not support Hotspot mode"));
gtk_widget_set_sensitive (widget, FALSE);
} else
gtk_widget_set_sensitive (widget, TRUE);
remote_settings = net_object_get_remote_settings (NET_OBJECT (device_wifi));
g_signal_connect (remote_settings, "connections-read",
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