1. 08 Feb, 2019 2 commits
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  11. 22 Jan, 2019 2 commits
    • Jean Felder's avatar
      coverstack: Correctly reset timeout · 9497dcca
      Jean Felder authored
      If CoverStack loading child becomes visible, it means that the timeout
      is over but _timeout attribute is not reset. Then, once a coverstack
      is found, _art_retrieved method will try to remove a source which does
      not exist anymore. It will result in a source not found warning
      Resetting _timeout attribute in _set_loading_child method fixes the
    • Christopher Davis's avatar
      application: Present the window on Wayland · e66cd47f
      Christopher Davis authored
      For some reason regular present() doesn't work on Wayland.
      This means that Wayland users cannot raise the window by clicking on
      the MPRIS player.
      This patch makes it present at the current time, and does not affect
      the functionality on X11.
      See https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gtk/issues/624#note_10996
  12. 18 Jan, 2019 2 commits
    • Jean Felder's avatar
    • Harry Xie's avatar
      playlistview: Fix right-click popover position · 78b0e968
      Harry Xie authored
      Issue #214 points out that right-click popover in the playlist view
      sometimes appears at odd positions. This is because the rectangle the
      popover points to is too tall. When the window is small, there isn't
      enough space at the bottom, so the popover chooses to appear on the
      side of the rectangle, which is far away from the user's mouse.
      To fix this, change the way the rectangle is created by taking into
      account the position of the mouse cursor inside the row. Add half the
      height of a cell to the vertical position of the popover to make sure
      it is always displayed at the center of the cell.
      Closes: #214
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    • Jordan Petridis's avatar
      Flatpak: Minor cleanup · d4676023
      Jordan Petridis authored
      The CFLAGS are not needed anymore, since they are defined in the
      libdir no longer needs to be specified and flatpak can figure
      out the correct value.
  20. 12 Dec, 2018 6 commits
    • Jean Felder's avatar
      player: Rename get_songs_method to get_mpris_playlist · 72d3c52b
      Jean Felder authored
      The only consumer of this method is mpris. So it allows to avoid any confusion.
    • Jean Felder's avatar
      player: Handle repeat and limit songs in get_songs · 9ac555f7
      Jean Felder authored
      get_songs method is used by MPRIS to expose a playlist to MPRIS
      clients. Returning the whole playlist (for example, all the songs) can
      create instabilities and crashes.
      Besides, according to MPRIS specification, TrackList should only be
      a "short list of tracks which were recently played or will be played
      Limit the number of returned to avoid those instabilities. Order the
      returned list following the repeat mode to reflect the current state
      of the player playlist.
      With this change, GoTo method from MPRIS needs to deal with song
      offsets (position relative to the current song). So, update it
      Related: #100
    • Jean Felder's avatar
      player: Remove validation field from get_songs method · 51c568f9
      Jean Felder authored
      Remove the validation field from the returned list. This method is
      only used by MPRIS code which does not need the validation status.
      Add some missing docstring too.
    • Jean Felder's avatar
      mpris: Store path and metadata lists · dcd43cfe
      Jean Felder authored
      Path and metada list only change when PlayerPlaylist changes. So it
      does not make sense to rebuild these lists, by calling Player.get_songs
      method, every time a metadata is requested.
    • Jean Felder's avatar
      mpris: Rename song path prefix to TrackList · 43e06af0
      Jean Felder authored
      MPRIS specification use a Camel case naming. So, it makes sens to use
      this convention for TrackLists.
    • Jean Felder's avatar
      mpris: Simplify _get_song_dbus_path logic · 3933da24
      Jean Felder authored