Commit 1040df09 authored by Michael Catanzaro's avatar Michael Catanzaro Committed by Iulian Radu

Crash if clutter initialization fails

This way we trigger distro bug report tools, rather than leaving users
to wonder "what's clutter?"
parent d4f639f1
......@@ -1055,15 +1055,7 @@ public class Nibbles : Gtk.Application
catch (Error e)
var dialog = new Gtk.MessageDialog (null,
"Unable to initialize Clutter:\n%s", e.message);
dialog.set_title (Environment.get_application_name ()); ();
dialog.destroy ();
return Posix.EXIT_FAILURE;
error ("Unable to initialize Clutter: %s", e.message);
return new Nibbles ().run (args);
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