Commit 8a3582d2 authored by Iulian Radu's avatar Iulian Radu

Simplify main stack transitions

Also, on Wayland, the game frame is displayed on top of the window.
This seems to be a problem with GtkStack transitions.

This committ fixes the problem by disabling the transition when
displaying the game frame.
parent f73334a5
......@@ -544,10 +544,9 @@ public class Nibbles : Gtk.Application
new_game_button.hide ();
pause_button.hide ();
var type = main_stack.get_transition_type ();
main_stack.set_transition_type (Gtk.StackTransitionType.NONE);
main_stack.set_visible_child_name ("number_of_players");
main_stack.set_transition_type (type);
main_stack.set_transition_type (Gtk.StackTransitionType.SLIDE_UP);
number_of_players_buttons[game.numhumans - 1].set_active (true);
number_of_ai_buttons[game.numai].set_active (true);
......@@ -606,6 +605,11 @@ public class Nibbles : Gtk.Application
private void show_game_view ()
/* FIXME: If there's a transition set, on Wayland, the ClutterEmbed
* will show outside the game's window. Don't change the transition
* type when that's no longer a problem.
main_stack.set_transition_type (Gtk.StackTransitionType.NONE); (); ();
......@@ -613,6 +617,8 @@ public class Nibbles : Gtk.Application
headerbar.set_title (_("Level %d").printf (game.current_level));
main_stack.set_visible_child_name ("game_box");
main_stack.set_transition_type (Gtk.StackTransitionType.SLIDE_UP);
private void back_cb ()
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