Commit 8c133dd0 authored by Gabriel Ivascu's avatar Gabriel Ivascu Committed by Iulian Radu

Prevent user clicking buttons before the score is saved

parent fe65686c
......@@ -700,6 +700,10 @@ public class Nibbles : Gtk.Application
// trigger the scores dialog to be opened if the high scores table is
// not yet filled....)
/* Disable these here to prevent the user clicking the buttons before the score is saved */
new_game_action.set_enabled (false);
pause_action.set_enabled (false);
if (game.numhumans != 1)
......@@ -826,9 +830,6 @@ public class Nibbles : Gtk.Application
private void game_over (int score, long last_score)
new_game_action.set_enabled (false);
pause_action.set_enabled (false);
var game_over_label = new Gtk.Label (_(@"Game Over!"));
game_over_label.halign = Gtk.Align.CENTER;
game_over_label.valign = Gtk.Align.START;
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