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    Support fallback pipeline paths · bfed6c0d
    Debarshi Ray authored
    A subsequent commit will change the location where edits are stored for
    local items. In order to provide backwords compatibility with existing
    edits stored at the old location, and to transparently migrate them to
    the new location, it is necessary that a PhotosBaseItem sub-class be
    able to return multiple pipeline locations.
    All parameters that accepted a single pipeline path or URI have been
    modified to accept a NULL-terminated array of paths or URIs.
    The automatic mapping from an "as" GVariant to the natural GStrv C type
    has been disabled for the GenerateThumbnail()[pipeline_uris] parameter
    because the gdbus-codegen:ed wrapper cannot convert a NULL GStrv to its
    equivalent GVariant. It uses g_variant_new_strv with the length always
    set to -1, which isn't valid when the GStrv is NULL.
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