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    gegl: Add photos_gegl_pixbuf_new_from_buffer · 5f54518a
    Debarshi Ray authored
    This is part of a new set of APIs for GeglBuffer that don't require the
    creation of a graph. These will allow decoding and encoding image file
    formats to and from a GeglBuffer through asynchronous and cancellable
    methods with error handling. These will follow GIO idioms and be
    similar to the codec APIs for GdkPixbuf. There will be a compatibility
    layer to convert a GeglBuffer to and from GdkPixbuf for legacy reasons.
    These APIs will address the current lack of cancellation and error
    handling in gegl:load, and make it easier to port existing code away
    from GdkPixbuf.
    Bump minimum GdkPixbuf version to 2.36.8.
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