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    build: Turn off -Wcast-function-type · bb290a1e
    Debarshi Ray authored
    GCC 8 introduced -Wcast-function-type. It is enabled by -Wextra, which
    is on the AX_COMPILER_FLAGS list. Unfortunately, this cannot be sanely
    used with the GNOME platform. It is exceedingly common practice to
    specify a function as a callback that ignores some of the trailing
    parameters passed to it. In fact, the following snippet that's part of
    the g_list_copy_deep documentation triggers -Wcast-function-type:
      another_list = g_list_copy_deep (list,
                                       (GCopyFunc) g_object_ref,
    Disabling warnings like this does go against the recommendation of the
    AX_COMPILER_FLAGS documentation, which suggests the use of #pragmas
    instead. However, unlike passing the flags through the command line,
    attempts to ignore -Wcast-function-type through a #pragma will trigger
    -Wpragmas on older versions of GCC, and, ironically, using
    G_GNUC_CHECK_VERSION to conditionally disable it on newer compilers
    will trigger -Wexpansion-to-defined, again, because of -Wextra.
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