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    build: Drop ChangeLog and INSTALL, and silence Automake warnings · cc681022
    Debarshi Ray authored
    The ChangeLog generation was broken forever because it used
    $(top_srcdir)/missing, not $(top_srcdir)/config/missing. Including the
    Git log in tarballs isn't particularly useful. People are better off
    using the Git repository directly.
    A nice side-effect of switching Automake to "foreign" is that it
    silences these warnings:
      src/Makefile.am:563: warning: shell $(GLIB_COMPILE_RESOURCES:
        non-POSIX variable name
      src/Makefile.am:563: (probably a GNU make extension)
    The loss of INSTALL, caused by "foreign", isn't a big problem because
    the upcoming Meson port would have rendered it obsolete anyway. Users
    can easily look up how to build a Autotools-based project.
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