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Help page added to explain recent photos and view them

The explains the location of recent photos displayed,
steps to add more locations and to view the photos.
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<desc>Open your recent photos.</desc>
<title>View recent photos</title>
<p>The <gui style="tab">Recent</gui> tab displays photos from the local file
system locations like <file>~/Downloads</file>, <file>~/Pictures</file>
and from the online collections. You can also add other locations, even
cloud-based collections like Flickr or Facebook photographs, through
<app>GNOME Online Accounts</app>.</p>
<p>To add other local file system locations:</p>
<p>Go to <guiseq><gui>Settings</gui><gui>Search</gui></guiseq>.</p>
<p>Click on the gear button on the bottom right. You can select the
locations you want to display in the <gui style="tab">Recent</gui>
<p>To view recent photos:</p>
<p>Select the <gui style="tab">Recent</gui> tab.</p>
<p>You will see a grid of photos. Select a photo from the grid to open
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