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Forget about coding style, give simple build instructions.

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Coding style
# Meson
The current codebase is not really consistent about coding
style. However, for new code we should conform to what seems to be the
most common habits:
## configure
meson build --prefix /home/benoit/gnome
* Use four-space indents.
## build
ninja -C build
* Put open curly braces on the same line of the associated
statement. Omit braces if *both* sides of the statement are on one
line. So for instance
## clean
ninja -C build -t clean
if (foo = 0) {
bar ();
baz ();
} else {
qux ();
## start from scratch
rm -rf build
if (foo = 0)
bar ();
qux ();
* Put one space between the function name and the open parenthesis, so
foo ();
# Old
and not
## configure
./ --prefix=/home/benoit/gnome
## build
\ No newline at end of file
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