Commit 502ff615 authored by Arnaud Bonatti's avatar Arnaud Bonatti

Prepare 3.21.92.

parent 9828a6a8
3.21.92 – September 13, 2016
All looks good for a new release!
Translations updated:
Danish: Ask Hjorth Larsen
British English: David King
Galician: Fran Dieguez
Greek: Tom Tryfonidis
Latvian: Rūdolfs Mazurs
Brazilian Portuguese: Enrico Nicoletto
Swedish: Anders Jonsson
3.21.91 – August 30, 2016
AC_INIT([GNOME Taquin], [3.21.91], [],
AC_INIT([GNOME Taquin], [3.21.92], [],
[gnome-taquin], [])
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