Commit 657aa298 authored by Arnaud Bonatti's avatar Arnaud Bonatti

Prepare 3.19.91.

parent 822cd322
3.19.91 – March 1, 2016
Help licensing (CC By-SA 4.0 International) has been correctly documented, and
copyright has been updated in the files headers and in the About dialog.
Brazilian Portuguese: Artur de Aquino Morais
Galician: Fran Dieguez
Hungarian: Gabor Kelemen (new)
Italian: Milo Casagrande
Serbian: Мирослав Николић
Swedish: Anders Jonsson
3.19.90 – February 17, 2016
AC_INIT([GNOME Taquin], [3.19.90], [],
AC_INIT([GNOME Taquin], [3.19.91], [],
[gnome-taquin], [])
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