Commit 6e4c73d9 authored by Arnaud Bonatti's avatar Arnaud Bonatti

Prepare 3.19.92.

parent 5f9abbc7
3.19.92 – March 15, 2016
A problem related to the french translation of help, reported (bug #762466) by
Anders Jonsson, has (hopefully) be corrected by Alexandre Franke. Also, the
“valign” property of some buttons of the headerbar has been set to “center”, to
look better on some rare configurations.
Translations updated:
Greek: Efstathios Iosifidis
Hebrew: Yosef Or Boczko
Hungarian: Gábor Kelemen
Occitan: Cédric Valmary
Slovak: Dušan Kazik
Ukrainian: Daniel Korostil
3.19.91 – March 1, 2016
AC_INIT([GNOME Taquin], [3.19.91], [],
AC_INIT([GNOME Taquin], [3.19.92], [],
[gnome-taquin], [])
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