Commit 4a6ff459 authored by Jakub Steiner's avatar Jakub Steiner

Adwaita: no intention to make circular buttons universal

- No intention to make any button circular with a magic class
  Maybe if Lapo returns, he'll make all your dreams come true.

parent 1f69f519
......@@ -870,7 +870,7 @@ button {
// bad with a 100% border radius (see for details),
// so on relevant states we an additional background-image with a gradient clipped on the border-box,
// so setting a transparent border would reveal it.
// FIXME: take care of colored circular button.
$_border_bg: linear-gradient(to top, $alt-borders-color 25%, $borders-color 50%);
&:not(.flat):not(:checked):not(:active):not(:disabled):not(:backdrop) {
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