Commit 70123468 authored by worldofpeace's avatar worldofpeace

post-install: get absolute path to gtk-update-icon-cache

Identical to how gtk-query-immodules is being handled here.
parent 017a4402
......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ if 'DESTDIR' not in os.environ:
gtk_libdir = sys.argv[4]
gtk_datadir = sys.argv[5]
gtk_query_immodules = os.path.join(gtk_bindir, 'gtk-query-immodules-' + gtk_api_version)
gtk_update_icon_cache = os.path.join(gtk_bindir, 'gtk-update-icon-cache')
gtk_moduledir = os.path.join(gtk_libdir, 'gtk-' + gtk_api_version, gtk_abi_version)
gtk_immodule_dir = os.path.join(gtk_moduledir, 'immodules')
......@@ -30,7 +31,7 @@ if 'DESTDIR' not in os.environ:
os.path.join(gtk_datadir, 'glib-2.0', 'schemas')])
print('Updating icon cache...')['gtk-update-icon-cache', '-q', '-t' ,'-f',[gtk_update_icon_cache, '-q', '-t' ,'-f',
os.path.join(gtk_datadir, 'icons', 'hicolor')])
print('Updating module cache for input methods...')
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