Commit 84f50914 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

GtkCalendar: deal better with a large allocation

When allocated more than the requested height, GtkCalendar
was 'falling apart'. Not only was the main part rendered
at the far end of the allocation, clicking on days was
broken in this scenario.

Fix this by always placing the main part directly under
the header and day names.
parent 2ce384cc
......@@ -1253,17 +1253,14 @@ static gint
calendar_top_y_for_row (GtkCalendar *calendar,
gint row)
GtkAllocation allocation;
gint inner_border = calendar_get_inner_border (calendar);
GtkCalendarPrivate *priv = calendar->priv;
GtkBorder padding;
gint inner_border = calendar_get_inner_border (calendar);
gtk_widget_get_allocation (GTK_WIDGET (calendar), &allocation);
get_component_paddings (calendar, &padding, NULL, NULL, NULL);
return allocation.height
- - inner_border
- (CALENDAR_MARGIN + (6 - row)
* calendar_row_height (calendar));
return priv->header_h + priv->day_name_h + + inner_border
+ row * calendar_row_height (calendar);
/* row_from_y: returns the row 0-5 that the
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