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    Even more work on the undef in box.hg. · 14652b4a
    Murray Cumming authored
    * gdk/gdkmm.h:
    * gtk/gtkmm.h:
    * gtk/src/box.hg:
    * gtk/src/main.hg:
    * gtk/src/table.hg:
    * gtk/src/textiter.hg:
    * gtk/src/treemodel.hg:
    * gtk/src/treeviewcolumn.hg: Rearrange includes to make it more likely
        that applications will be able to build with deprecated API disabled and
        warnings as errors.
        However, this is just impossible to do completely, because any other header
        (such as goocanvasitem.h via goocanvasmm) might include gtk/gtk.h first.